Thursday, April 17, 2008

blogger bandwagon

Okay Girly Girls...

As you can see, Sharla and Jaimi have now jumped on the blogger bandwagon and have family blogs so we can see the happenings in their worlds! (YAY!!!) 

So once again, I am going to hound all of you who don't have blogs! Come on...just do it! Everybody's doing it! (ha ha - just kidding. I had to be a dork for a minute.) Honestly though, we want you to have blogs!!! Sara and Tara, I have bugged you enough - I would hate to bother you so much that you disown me as a friend, so I'll just bug say, um, GINA, MEGAN - you guys live so far away from us, this would be a great way for us to keep up with your lives! 

Of course, everybody else should do it too - like, WHITNEY, LINDSEY V., JILL - come on's FUN!

Okay - I'll get off my soap box now.

Hugs - 


whitney said...

Well I would love to start blogging I only have a few problems #1 I need to remember that I do have a family and I need to take pictures of them to actually put on the blog and #2 i have no idea how to do it. Maybe I should come and take a class.
PS I did get a new camera for christmas I just need to use it.

Jaimi said...

I have so say I agree with Liz completely. Since usually we don't invite our children to club (if we are lucky:) There is no way for us to see each others kids. So this is a good way to see how they are all growing up and what we do as families. I have realized I don't think many of you have even seen Lucas and he is six months already and is helping me type this so hopefully I don't have many typos. Anyway it really isn't that hard to do and I am so computer illiterate. You just have to have time. Which is hard to come by these days. Anyway I just thought I would put my two cents in. So get crackin'

Gina said...

I have absolutely nothing exciting to talk about in a blog. And if that isn't bad enough, then I would just feel stupid when nobody was looking at or commenting on my boring life!

Jaimi said...

Gina, come on you have three kids unless they are perfect angels, you have a lot to talk about. Like how your baby doesn't ever sleep (mine is going through that the past couple of days with napping) your toddler is out of control or maybe just some pics of your babe. Come on we want to know!!! I can guarantee that we will think it is interesting.

Lindsey said...

Sharla, said... I'm at Lindsey's so this is from me and her. I'm not exactly sure how Liz found my blog. I was kind of hiding it cuz I'm embarrassed to have people look at it, which I know is kind of the point of a blog, but I don't know what I'm doing either. I think it's a great idea for keeping track of what my kids do. Since I don't scrapbook or write in a journal. I love looking at other people's though. I'm going to help Lindsey make one, so check it out.

mindi said...

it is true, gina lives SOOOO far away that i think she should blog too!
check out bonnie's blog (linked from mine) if you don't think you have anything to blog about. she just puts up pictures and super short blurbs and i LOVE it!
but beware... this stuff is addicting!

liz said...

HA HA! Sharla, I found yours because Sara said on one of the comments that she noticed you had one. I bet it's because when you make a comment and you DO have a blog, your name will link back to your blog if you click on it. Does that even make sense? Anyway, your link was on our blog, so I checked it out.
It's CUTE by the way! I love seeing pictures of your family. No need to be embarrassed!
And Gina...I can guarantee you have things to blog about. It's not like I write about really exciting things on mine - except for the whole adoption thing, it's pretty much boring, regular stuff. You REALLY should have one!
Anytime you want a class Whitney, just say the word. It is so easy, you would catch on in no time. Now we just need to start training you on taking pictures. Heck - even if you DON'T have pictures you should have a blog. It would be fun to read about what you're doing. :)