Monday, October 27, 2008

October Club

I guess since everybody knows it's my turn for club this month I better have it. Just kidding I want to. I know this week is very busy with Halloween, so I am wondering when the best time would be. I'm thinking Thursday night around 6:30. I know how hard it is to get a babysitter sometimes, so if it helps I'm going to have Kayleigh and Mckenna tend. Kayleigh is 13, and tends a lot for other people. Mckenna is almost 10 and loves to babysit. So just bring your kids to my house and we will go somewhere close and nobody can use the excuse that they don't have a babysitter. Due to a previous club conversation with Jami and Michelle about flower clips, I'm also going to have a very quick demonstration on how to make cute and inexpensive flower hair clips. Let me know if you can come or not.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Club Update

As you can see by previous post - we had club. We met at my house, and I thought for a while that I was going to be the only one to go up and meet Gina. Then Whitney called and said she was coming but would be a little late. Then Julie called and said she was sick and she wasn’t coming. Then Mindi let us know that she was also sick. So when there was a knock at my door I was excited to see Sharla. Then Jaimi called and said not to leave her. So not to bad, four of us to drive up north to meet Gina. Of course we missed all of you that didn’t make it. I promise that it is always worth it, even on days that you don’t totally feel like it. We met Gina at a gas station (that part felt kind of like high school again). So we finally make the decision to go to Olive Garden. We all start piling out and we hear all of these kids yelling. When we finally pay enough attention to who they were and what they were saying we realized that it was the workers saying that they are not opened yet. So now the dreaded decision that we have to make all over again. We ended up at Chiles. We decided to get some chips and salsa to munch on. And munch on them we did! I really don’t think we had to order a meal after getting drink after drink and eating chips and salsa. In the mean time we talked to Jill on and off. One minute she was going to meet us and then she had some visitors at her house, so she wasn’t able to make it. So what did we talk about, you know EVERYTHING. We talked about how excited we are for Mindi to be having another sweet girl. We also talked about how not so sweet Jaimi’s and Whitney’s girls are being. Gina’s and Whitney’s babies are getting big. Getting teeth, sitting, ready to crawl or crawling, all that fun but busy baby stuff. Sharla is trying to learn how to be a mother of a teenager. It sounds like a whole new ball game. Cell phones, dances, boys, crazy! After eating we went and did a little shopping. Sharla and Gina got good deals, $3.00 pajamas! Then we dropped of Gina and drove back home. It was an early night, since there was no "after club". We had fun, talked a lot, laughed a lot, ate a lot. Missed you all that didn’t make it. Hope you can all make it in October (Sharla’s month).