Thursday, October 25, 2007

Club Update

This is Kevin, Laker and Baurer- so when I talk about them you will know what they look like.

So for those that didn't come, we had club last night. Who was there, you ask... well since you asked... Tara, Sara, Gina, Whitney, Sharla, Mindy (at the first), Jill (at the end). It was fun as always, and we missed all that couldn't make it. The main new news is that Gina is going to have a boy, and Whitney will find out what she is having next week. Tara is looking forward to December 15 so she and Scott will know where they will be living for the few years. Mindy found out that it is ok to call a babysitter last minute. Sharla works a few hours every morning at an elementary school, and her daughter is now a beehive! And Jill is still adjusting to city life and putting her yard in. Of course there is so much more, but if you don't come you will not find out!
Liz - I have read the Twilight series and I love it also. So much that I was addicted, not only to the books but also to her website. I have read anything and everything on it. I love how she articulates conversations, they just seem to flow so well.
Oh - little update on my favorite song right now - Apologize by One Republic - I could listen to it over and over. If you haven't heard it, you can on youtube


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jaimi had her baby!

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that Jaimi had her baby on Thursday, Oct. 18th. His name is Lucas and he weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and was 19.5 inches. He's such a cutie!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


ok - so I check this at least twice a week and can't believe that there hasn't been anything new. So how is everybody? And Liz I have been thinking about you and your little Nic and have been wondering if all of that is going any better. I was going to call, but I thought hey I have wanted to see something new on this, so I guess it has to me to do it. I hope everyone is doing well. As for me things are good, and almost the same as always. I did just read the Nicholas Sparks new book The Choice, and it was very lovey like all of his novels, that is why I love him. Kevin is good, and our dogs are great. Laker is sleeping inside at night and loves it, and Bauer sleeps in the laker room and has his own pillow and thinks he is pretty cool. On my way to work I noticed that the sunrise was exceptionally pretty, I love this time of year. So now that I have rambled and given you all something to read, I hope you all will let at least me know what is going on. Sara