Wednesday, October 17, 2007


ok - so I check this at least twice a week and can't believe that there hasn't been anything new. So how is everybody? And Liz I have been thinking about you and your little Nic and have been wondering if all of that is going any better. I was going to call, but I thought hey I have wanted to see something new on this, so I guess it has to me to do it. I hope everyone is doing well. As for me things are good, and almost the same as always. I did just read the Nicholas Sparks new book The Choice, and it was very lovey like all of his novels, that is why I love him. Kevin is good, and our dogs are great. Laker is sleeping inside at night and loves it, and Bauer sleeps in the laker room and has his own pillow and thinks he is pretty cool. On my way to work I noticed that the sunrise was exceptionally pretty, I love this time of year. So now that I have rambled and given you all something to read, I hope you all will let at least me know what is going on. Sara


Liz said...

Awww, Sara - thanks for thinking of us and our "Nic" situation. Things are going better, although he still requires a teacher to come and get him out of the car to walk him in each morning. No more dramatic tears, screaming and gripping to the seat in front of him though. Big relief I tell ya! Um, I am right in the midde of reading TWILIGHT and OH MY GOODNESS! I am obsessed with it now! I LOVE it! Tara - you were right. I just had to get past the first 2 chapters. The problem is, I am now fantasizing about this amazing mystery man in my mind! Why is it that most men are not like Edward and long to know the eensy weensy details of our lives?? Last night we carved pumpkins and I made mine a vampire - in honor of Edward. Oh my! I LOVE him! He gives me those tickly butterflies in my tummy whenever I think of him! Seriously a great book. You ALL should read it! Anyway, hope to see everybody soon. Thanks for the awesome post Sara. We need to keep up on this better! Love - Liz

mindi said...

you are so cute! thanks for the update!