Sunday, February 24, 2008

Re-cap of our weekend away

Hey All,
Here are a few pictures of our "sleep-over"this past weekend. For those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you like crazy! We had a really good time though! 

Here are the highlights of the weekend:
1. Surviving the car ride with Jill behind the wheel...and not crashing in the car garage!
2. Running across the street with Whitney holding the orange flag so we didn't get hit by a car - and almost getting hit anyway!
3. Freezing our tooshies off because we walked to a restaurant that didn't exist. Luckily, Macaroni Grill was close by, so we ended up eating there. 
4. Waiting FOREVER to get our food, only to find that four of us had food that was cold. 
5. Tara asking the waitress if anybody would "spit in our food". 
6. Generous offers to "massage somebody's cysts" if they would stay the night...(you DEFINITELY had to be there to understand this one.)
7. Laughing SO hard in the restaurant, that several of us almost needed the Heimlich Maneuver.
8. Way too many camera happy moments in the hotel. (We stayed at The Hilton.)
9. Late night trip to Olive Garden for desert. (Two restaurants in one night!)
10. Staying up until 3:00 in the morning talking about EVERYTHING from babies to blogging. 
11. Discussing the Twilight Series and what we all think Edward should look like in the movie - and how much we all love him. 
12. Getting woken up way too early by some weirdo knocking on our door!
13. Shopping at the Gateway, lusting after clothes from Anthropologie that none of us could afford. ($18 for a tiny little headband?? Are you kidding?)
14. Divine hot chocolate at Starbucks for 11:45 in the morning! 
15. Surviving our close call fender bender in the parking lot.
16. Dealing with the "oh-so-pleasant" man in the pay booth.
17. Finding a "fast food" restaurant on the way home, so we could be quick, and ending up waiting in line for 30 minutes!
18. Feeling like really big teenagers all weekend.

What else am I missing?? Sara? You're good at giving the re-cap...anything you want to add? Anyway, we had a wonderful time getting away from real life for 24 hours. Thanks Jill for planning this and for everyone that came. It was a wonderful breath of fresh air!
Love you guys,

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Overnighter this weekend!

Hey Girls,
Jill asked me to post this for her.

Our overnighter is planned! We will be heading out on Friday 22nd, around 5:30ish. We'll go to Salt Lake for some dinner and fun and then those who can't stay overnight can go home, while the rest of us go to the hotel for some girl bonding. Most likely, we'll go out shopping the next morning at the Gateway - or wherever our little hearts desire! Hope you can all come!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Club List

Hey guys I almost have the club list done and ready to send out. But until then I just thought that I would post the list so that you could also have it on here.
January- Whitney
February- Jill
March- Tara
April- Mindi
May- Lindsey V
June- Liz
July- Jaimi
August- Michelle
September- Gina
October- Sharla
November- Julie
December- Sara

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Starbucks NEXT Wednesday night!

Okay girls, since Whitney and Jaimi both have hubbies out of town, and since Will won't be home from work until 9:15 tonight, we've decided to change our Starbucks night to NEXT Wednesday night. Tara...does that still work for you? If this works, say - maybe around 8:45ish on the 13th - post here. We'll plan a meeting place and then head off for some yummy hot chocolate and girl time!
- Liz
p.s. anyone else interested???

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


anyone up for starbucks wednesday or thursday night this week? 8 or 9 pm?
what day/time works best?

Friday, February 1, 2008


So for all of you that did not come to club here is a little of what you missed. It was the brunettes only club, which was pointed out to us by a guy that shared our table ( if you're wondering why a man was sharing our table, we went to Tepanyaki). Michelle definitely has the most going on, as her brother and grandfather are in the hospital. Hopefully both will come home soon. Tara is just excited to get out of here and into her new house! Ok, so she will be sad to leave all of us, but a NEW HOUSE! Mindi secretly wishes that she worked for Apple and if she could own everything they sale she would, and what would be better then that is if we also owned everything they sale. It is Mindi’s secrete fantacy! Whitney is ready to have her baby. Which she doesn’t have a name picked out for, yet. And she is realizing that four kids is a lot. Michelle concurred. Jill and I shared the Deluxe Feast for Two, and enjoyed every bite! Jill is in charge for February and right now we are going to try and do an overnighter on the 22nd. Put it on your calendar, and I am sure we will learn more later. We also all think that maybe once a month is just not enough, so we will be getting together for drinks. It will be posted, to when and where! Everything else - well you should have come. Hope to see you all next time, since I think I am the only regular!