Thursday, February 14, 2008

Club List

Hey guys I almost have the club list done and ready to send out. But until then I just thought that I would post the list so that you could also have it on here.
January- Whitney
February- Jill
March- Tara
April- Mindi
May- Lindsey V
June- Liz
July- Jaimi
August- Michelle
September- Gina
October- Sharla
November- Julie
December- Sara


liz said...

Thanks Tara! Hopefully we'll have a get together for the month of February. Jill? Are you reading this? (HINT HINT!)

Sara said...

Yes! I sure hope that everyone has it, you know I'll be there!

Tara said...

Has anybody heard about club this week???

Anonymous said...

Is everybody up for going to Salt Lake overnight this Friday night February 22?