Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Overnighter this weekend!

Hey Girls,
Jill asked me to post this for her.

Our overnighter is planned! We will be heading out on Friday 22nd, around 5:30ish. We'll go to Salt Lake for some dinner and fun and then those who can't stay overnight can go home, while the rest of us go to the hotel for some girl bonding. Most likely, we'll go out shopping the next morning at the Gateway - or wherever our little hearts desire! Hope you can all come!


Sara said...

Yea!!! What is better then leaving normal life behind for a night and refuling ourselves! You are all the best, can't wait for Friday!

Muggs said...

Aloha-Glad to hear everyone is heading up to have a girls night out this weekend. Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I miss every body. Wish I was going with you. Also- My family will be going to the Temple on April 17, to be sealed. It is about time. We are going to the Laie, Oahu Temple. We're excited! Well- every one have a great time this weekend, and don't freeze... LOL! Aloha- Megan

Jaimi said...

I am sooooo sad because no matter how I try to arrange things I can't come this weekend. I am so bummed because I miss girl time with my friends. But there has been so much going on the past couple months and it is crunch time at the studio so I have to have practices Friday and Sat. for the next couple of weeks. So with sad regrets I have to say I hope you all have fun and maybe I can make it to the next club. Spend lots of money for me!!

Sara said...

Congrats Megan! That is so exciting. What a wonderful blessing it is to have our families sealed. And what a wonderful place to do it, the Oahu Temple! Soak up the sun for me!