Thursday, May 29, 2008

jill just made my day!

by telling me the recycling program has been approved! i have been working on this since we moved here last year and i am sooo glad it is finally happening! since many of you happen to live in the same city (which will remain unnamed), this is my plug for you to sign up as well. i was hoping for a mandatory program, but a voluntary program is better than nothing.
as the city is requiring a minimum of 2000 participants, please do the responsible thing, go green, and start saving the planet!
details are in the city bill or on the website. i have posted an excerpt from an email i sent the mayor and city council last year below. i think it pretty much sums up my passion for the subject:

I am a new resident and was disappointed to learn that the city does
not offer a recycling program at this time. I have lived in three
other cities in the past ten years, all of which offered recycling to
residents. (two mandatory, one voluntary) After seeing that during
any given week our family recycles roughly twice the amount of
material that we throw away, it has been frustrating to revert to a
non-recycling lifestyle. I was encouraged today to find the recycling
survey on the city website.
My questions on this matter are:
1. Were the waste collection bids mentioned on the website conducted
in March of this year?
2. What type of feedback have you had thus far on a mandatory vs
voluntary program?
3. The site mentioned that a voluntary program would require a
minimum of 500 participants. How many have expressed interest?
I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions. If there
is anything I can do to help with this issue, please let me know as I
would be happy to help further the cause.

i am going to send an email to everyone i know in this town. you should too!

i am in love with this man.

May's Club The Story Of The Twilight Zone

Carrabba’s Italian Grill, 2008. Amid the glitz and the glitter of a bustling, college town at the height and beginning of summer, Carrabba’s Italilian Grill was a star in its own right, a beacon for all those that craved Italian food. Now, something is about to happen that will change all that. The time was yesterday on an evening very much like the one that you are in as you are reading this. Tonight’s story on The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. We invite you, if you dare, to continue reading because in tonight’s episode, you could be one of the stars. And this small Italian restaurant traveled directly to..... The Twilight Zone. (Do, do, doooooo ((that is the Twilight Zone theme music)) It started off innocently with a bunch of friends meeting in the Shopko parking lot. Two cars traveled to the listed location, not knowing before hand what could and would happen. Mindi drove the first vehicle while Sharla, Tara and Sara were the passengers. Lindsey B took control of the second, with her two children and Lindsey V along for the ride. The positive energies tried to warn them, when they called first and the hostess said, there was no wait. But the energies from the different dimension could not wait for them to enter, they had a plan, and the eight were part of that plan. When they arrived, they had no idea that they were about to step into the dimension, known as the Carraba's bubble. (Do, do, doooooo ) To no avail they stepped in. (Do, do, doooooo ) As they walked in they saw all the people waiting for a table. They went up and put there names on the list and were told ten to twenty minutes. As they sat and talked, time stood still. Conversations continued, other people waiting went back, but the eight were stuck. Stuck in a dimension that did not, could not move. What they could not see was that a bubble was placed over the eight for over an hour. Only the bubble invaders, as common people know them as the hostesses, waiters, and waitresses could go in and out. The bubble invaders were led by Carraba himself, an alien that enjoys eating the brains of high school friends that are always to loud when they get together. He was going to stop this loudness, he had is straw ready.(Do, do, doooooo ) The bubble invaders toyed with the eight fragile minds as they would bring them miniature slushes and tell them that it would only be a couple more minutes. The bubble invaders thought they were found out when the eight stood up and all started walking towards them. To throw the eight off, the bubble invaders grabbed the menus and took them back to a table, and told them that they would receive free dessert. The bubble continued among them. It was a normal eating situation, drinks, salad/soup, dinner, then dessert but everything was slowed down to a crawl. When the eight looked out of the bubble, it looked like everything was at normal earth speed. But inside they could feel time as if it were a snail trying to move to safety. The bubble invaders recovered quickly as another entered. The eight turned to nine as Bonnie sat down. One more brain for Carrabba. (Do, do, doooooo ) Text, and phone calls were made to loved ones and babysitters saying that the nine were going as fast as they could and that they would be home soon. An hour and a half (earthly time) later they were done with there meals and asked for the free dessert. To which the bubble invader responded sarcastically, knowing that the only dessert that would be given would be for Carrabba himself. The nine were relentless and told how they had been there forever. Carrabba could see them figuring it out. He told the bubble invader to take one of every dessert they had. The nine tried them, enjoyed them and then started to put everything together. When they read this sign...
He was so close, he had them almost the full four hours but Carrabba took the bubble off of them because they were to smart. He could not risk being found out. He loved brains to much. So the next time you get together with friends, be sure you know just what kind of place you'll be eating at or you may find yourself brainless and a permanent resident of...(Do, do, Doooooo) The Twilight Zone.

It was a great night! Love you all!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Girls Night Wednesday instead of Thursday!

Let's do it Wednesday instead of Thursday. Sounds like it would work better for everyone. So, lets meet at the south end of the Shopko parking lot around 6:30! Thanks!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Girls night out Thursday!

For those of you who can come, I'm going to have club this coming Thursday the 29th. Let's meet at the south end of the Shopko parking lot at 6:30. I'd meet at my house, but there isn't anywhere good to eat in Salem! Hope to see you there, I know May is a busy month!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Club OverNighter

I was just organizing some of my pictures onto CD's and found these from our first trip to Park City.  Thought ya'll might get a kick out of them.  Ahhhh, the memories.... We are SO funny!

After we ran into Sharla, my husband is convinced we needed to change our blog address so I have updated the links for mine and Sharla's (Hope that's OK)  Sorry for the confusion.

Our blogs

Hey Guys,
I just realized yesterday that now Megan has a blog - if you haven't seen it, go check it might make you wish you lived in Hawaii though! :) 

Just wanted to give another plug for those who don't have blogs...ahem, ahem...SARA, TARA, GINA, JULIE, WHITNEY, am I missing anybody? Girls??? 

And Sharla, what happened to yours? I can't see it anymore. Did you change the name of it? 

Anyway, it's been so fun seeing what is going on in everybody's lives. 


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I am so excited, here is the link to the new Twilight trailer click here to check it out. :)