Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our blogs

Hey Guys,
I just realized yesterday that now Megan has a blog - if you haven't seen it, go check it might make you wish you lived in Hawaii though! :) 

Just wanted to give another plug for those who don't have blogs...ahem, ahem...SARA, TARA, GINA, JULIE, WHITNEY, am I missing anybody? Girls??? 

And Sharla, what happened to yours? I can't see it anymore. Did you change the name of it? 

Anyway, it's been so fun seeing what is going on in everybody's lives. 



Whitney said...

Ok first off I want to know why you are posting at 6:57am that's way to early to be up and going, I wish i had that much energy. I think I'm going to start a blogg so if I have any questions i'm calling you.
P.S. Who has club and when is it(Anyone?)

lindsey v said...

it's my turn. i'm thinking next wednesday or thursday. i'll post a message when i decide.