Thursday, May 29, 2008

jill just made my day!

by telling me the recycling program has been approved! i have been working on this since we moved here last year and i am sooo glad it is finally happening! since many of you happen to live in the same city (which will remain unnamed), this is my plug for you to sign up as well. i was hoping for a mandatory program, but a voluntary program is better than nothing.
as the city is requiring a minimum of 2000 participants, please do the responsible thing, go green, and start saving the planet!
details are in the city bill or on the website. i have posted an excerpt from an email i sent the mayor and city council last year below. i think it pretty much sums up my passion for the subject:

I am a new resident and was disappointed to learn that the city does
not offer a recycling program at this time. I have lived in three
other cities in the past ten years, all of which offered recycling to
residents. (two mandatory, one voluntary) After seeing that during
any given week our family recycles roughly twice the amount of
material that we throw away, it has been frustrating to revert to a
non-recycling lifestyle. I was encouraged today to find the recycling
survey on the city website.
My questions on this matter are:
1. Were the waste collection bids mentioned on the website conducted
in March of this year?
2. What type of feedback have you had thus far on a mandatory vs
voluntary program?
3. The site mentioned that a voluntary program would require a
minimum of 500 participants. How many have expressed interest?
I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions. If there
is anything I can do to help with this issue, please let me know as I
would be happy to help further the cause.

i am going to send an email to everyone i know in this town. you should too!

i am in love with this man.


Gina said...

Yea! We have had a recycling program in Herriman for just over a year now. I am amazed at how much of my garbage is recyclable. It is for sure a good thing. Also, I want to thank Mindi for giving me the reusable grocery bags for Christmas. We all laughed at the gift but they are so wonderful. I love using them and they hold soooooo much.

mindi said...

i'm glad at least gina doesn't think i'm crazy.