Thursday, October 25, 2007

Club Update

This is Kevin, Laker and Baurer- so when I talk about them you will know what they look like.

So for those that didn't come, we had club last night. Who was there, you ask... well since you asked... Tara, Sara, Gina, Whitney, Sharla, Mindy (at the first), Jill (at the end). It was fun as always, and we missed all that couldn't make it. The main new news is that Gina is going to have a boy, and Whitney will find out what she is having next week. Tara is looking forward to December 15 so she and Scott will know where they will be living for the few years. Mindy found out that it is ok to call a babysitter last minute. Sharla works a few hours every morning at an elementary school, and her daughter is now a beehive! And Jill is still adjusting to city life and putting her yard in. Of course there is so much more, but if you don't come you will not find out!
Liz - I have read the Twilight series and I love it also. So much that I was addicted, not only to the books but also to her website. I have read anything and everything on it. I love how she articulates conversations, they just seem to flow so well.
Oh - little update on my favorite song right now - Apologize by One Republic - I could listen to it over and over. If you haven't heard it, you can on youtube



Liz said...

Sara, I am right there with ya - OBSESSED about Twilight! Matt is feeling jealous of a person who doesn't even exist and I get the butterflies everytime I think of perfect Edward! (ha ha!) I really need to get the third book read and out of my system so I can live in the real world again!
Love the picture of your babes! So cute! Thanks for the club update!

mindi said...

thanks for the pics! i have never seen the dogs!
i am also in love with edward. i actually had a dream about him last night! thanks for summing up club for me. i'll be sure to get a last-minute babysitter next month so i don't have to miss out!

Sara said...

Kevin got pretty sick of me not wanting to do anything but read. I laughed at the face he gave me when I told him that there was going to be another book coming out. Liz - when your done reading all of the books we should all do lunch!

Liz said...

I'm done! I'm done! :) Just finished the third book last night! I know Mindi's been reading it too...(Are ya done yet Mind?) If so, let's all go eat lunch! Tara...did you read all three yet? Anybody else? We definitely need to get together. How about November 7th? It's a Wednesday? Does that work?

Anonymous said...

I am also obsessed with Twilight and I read all three books in about two weeks. My mom had to hide one of them from me because she said that I was neglecting my children. I didn't think I was. I would love to go to lunch whenever you decide to go just let me know. This is Tara by the way just incase it says annonymous. I really do not know what I am doing with this blog stuff.

Sara said...

Today (Nov 7) is kind of hard for me but I can make it work. I hope someone will make a decision and let me know soon. If not today, what does everyone think of Friday Nov 9?