Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missed you in August

So everyone that did not come to club this month, missed out. As you all know we always enjoy being together and we always have a good time. Hopefully this month we will see everyone. So who was there, you ask... besides me, Sharla, Michelle, Julie and Jaimi. We went to Bajio so we would not get stuck over in the Riverwoods for an eternity again. It was great- we got our food fast and then just sat and talked. We stayed at Bajio for a while then went to Michelle’s where we just sat in my truck and talked some more. It seemed the main topic of the night were kids and starting school. We also got to hear about Jaimi’s little one grabbing the curling iron and getting his hand burned. Sharla was able to help in that area since her little one also recently got burned. The main thing that we learned that night, is no matter how hard we try, sometimes something bad happens anyway. That’s how we learn. It looks like Gina is next (right now she is in Disneyland with all three kids!) so hope to see you all next time!


Tara said...

Sara, I am so glad you do these updates because I love to see how everybody is doing and I love to hear about club. I sure do miss it. I hope all is well with everybody!

lindsey v said...

thank you sara for the club night summaries! you're awesome! sorry to hear about lucas' burn, that must have been so sad. morgan and lexi are in the same kindergarten class, so me and lindsey b. were at our back to school meeting. sorry we missed out. hope everyone is doing well.