Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 club???

Hey girls:
I am with Whitney- I can't remember what month I have. Did anybody write it down? This is what happens when Tara and Jill are not there. Sara, aren't you supposed to be part of upper management too? We really need some direction here! (and I really need to get out of the house) Can anyone claim March?
Love you guys,


sara said...

So you have to give me a little slack. You know I am a first time mom and am slowly getting use to all that the word mother entitles. Check out the left hand side of the blog and you will see that I have put down everyone’s month. Hopefully soon I will have the list done and to all of you. Hope to see you soon.

Jaimi said...

I am joining the looser club!! Sorry everyone, I had all intentions of doing club but was waiting to hear from Chad when he would be around. I thought he was going out of town last week, so i didn't plan it and thought I would do it this week! Well guess what? Ya you know he is out of town this week. Figures :( I am more than willing to have it next week even though its not my month.

Higginson Family said...

PLEASE lets have a girls night! I am willing to have it as well. Lindsey if you can't call me and I will do it.

Scott and Tara said...

Hey girls, I will be coming home at the end of April so we need to make sure that we get together then, cause I would love to see everybody.

Sharla said...

Tara, I have April, I'll plan it around you, so let me know what night is best. It will be great to see you and catch up.