Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May outreach

The theme for the month is "no empty chairs". (except for Megan & Tara's, of course, whose are filled in spirit). Let us all extend a hand of fellowship to our less-active members and see of we can't bring the joy of club back into their lives. Everyone try to bring a friend and we will meet at my house at 6:30 on Thursday the 28th.
I hope to see you ALL there!


sara said...

I am so excited! I will do my best in dragging the it's to hard, my life is to busy, I couldn't get a babysitter, I forgot, I'm just ignoring that there is club tonight girls. Who know who you are.

liz said...

LOL! That's a very descriptive, very accurate picture you painted of the less active girls... which I'm not of course!! I just couldn't get a babysitter last time... no wait, I could, but it was 6 pm and I was still in my pj's!!! ha ha!

Jaimi said...

Gawrsh!!! I didn't know I had such funny friends :) you guys are hilarious. I am planning to be there, my life is just not whole without it, and believe me I should know. Although, I did make it to last months. Yee ha