Friday, June 27, 2008

Here is the update! Plus where in the world is Tara?

Ok - so this is a little late, I thought I would give some one else the chance to tell about the June club. So a lot of you missed out. It started out very small, and didn’t get to much bigger, but it was still a lot of fun to get together and talk (a lot). Liz, Whitney and I were the only ones, so we decided to stay in town and go to Bajio. Luckily when we were getting our food, Sharla showed up. So three moved up to four! We did our normal, ate and talked. We discussed rumors that we have heard and tried to figure out if any of them had any truth to them. And of course we talked about our own lives ups and downs. Liz told us about her new tactic with her children (if you want more info, check out her blog). After we decided that we need a little treat, so we went to Cold Stone and shared an ice cream. Whitney had to get back to her kids, so she left and Sharla took us back up to Liz’s. We sat and talked in her car, Sharla told us about her daughters burn (check her blog) then we decided it was way to hot in the car and moved ourselves to the backyard. Then Mindi showed up! Matt lit the Tiki torches that encompassed us with a delightful ambiance. Sharla then had to leave to get back to her family. I was concerned about the hornets nest in the very top pitch of the house, and Mindi was concerned with getting West Nile. After voicing our concerns we talked for a long time, then we tried to leave, but the conversation was to good. We made it to the front porch and that was it. You should all join us for the after club, the conversations are deep and enjoyable. We finally tore ourselves away from one another and went home. So now we can’t wait until July’s club.

Tara where the heck are you????? Are you good? How is the pregnancy? How is the house? Are you all moved in? Do you like the area? Are the girls adjusting? How is Scott doing? Does he like it? Are you so glad to have your own space? So many questions, no answers. I miss my friend and I would love to know how she and her family are doing. Hope all is well!

Hope to see you all out at the next get together.



Higginson Family said...

Thanks sara for the update. I'm sad I missed the rest of the night! maybe just maybe in july my husband will be home and I can stay late and enjoy the night with all the talking that goes on. Can't wait for july

Tara said...

I am way up north in Washington just trying to get used to this new life. I am actually flying home on Tuesday July, 2nd and will be there for a week and would love to get together for lunch or whatever works for everybody. I can then answer all of your questions.I am doing good and excited to come home for a little bit. Just let me know if you want to get together. Thanks Tara

Sara said...

She's alive, SHE'S ALIVE! Glad to know you're doing well. Let's get together when you're in town.

Jaimi said...

Oh my heck I am so mad I missed club again!!!!! Hopefully I can make it next month, since I am the one in charge. I will probably have it earlier in the month because I will be gone the week before the 24th. Ya another trip, and the week of the 24th no good I am sure, the week maybe let me know what will work for ya'll hopefully we can get more people there. Again, I am so sad to have missed club for so many freakin' ya i mean freakin' months. Please promise me you will still be my friends:)

Jaimi said...

Oh another thing, Mindi I am signing up for the recycling. I was so excited to here that our city is doing this. So everyone sign up!!!! and sorry for my weird wording on the last blog some of it doesn't make sense. What can I say I am a mother of 4 (ya 4 chad counts) and 10:00 pm feels more like 2:00 am. So I am totally out of it. Love ya'll Jaim

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