Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok - it looks like October 24-25 it is! Come on don't you want to stay here...
Yes that is a hot tub, right out our door! And if that isn't good enough they have four more on the property.

Nice and cozy!

We could even cook! Sad to say, I have actually thought about that.

So everyone come, you know we will have oh so much fun!!
I would like to know who is coming pretty soon, so we can figure out travel.
And if you are contemplating that you might be to busy to come for ONE NIGHT and hang out with the girls and get REJUVENATED for the winter months coming up, don't talk to me. So far it looks like that is the weekend that we can start moving into our new house.


Jaimi said...

That looks awesome!!! I am really really going to try to make it work so I can go. My problem is that I will be gone the 2 maybe 3 weekends before that. Ya I know crazy. If I can get a solo practice in that day I am game. What time are we wanting to leave?

mindi said...

You have a new house? Where? That's fun! Can I bring my baby? (to park city, not to your new house)

liz said...

You KNOW I will be there Sara! I've already committed... and that's even with a husband who will be working a 12 hour shift on Saturday AND Sunday! I'll be farming my kiddo's out so I can make it to this FABULOUS event! So count me in for SURE! I need my girls weekend getaway! I can't WAIT! And I say HECK Yeah Mindi... Bring the babe! It will be fun to have her!

Higginson Family said...

I can't wait! I just reminded sam today infact, and he said that he had no idea about this trip(ya whatever i told him 2 weeks ago)and said he would be out of town. I told him he would not be out of town and if he really wanted to travel with four kids,he better stay home. He agreed with me and changed travel plans. Such a sweetie I married.