Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seriously So Fun

Hey Girls, here are the super cute pictures from our fun get together last night! :) I debated whether or not to put the picture below in, but since bear was begging to be in one of the pictures, I thought it would make him happy to have his time to shine! LOL!

Here's our little sexy man outside the restaurant, that gave us better service than any of the waiters INSIDE the restaurant.... but don't worry! We showed them! I still have my souvenir pen inside my purse that I accidentally kept, and as they say, "You UNDERSTAND!" Right? LOL!

And here we are, with little grumbling tummies... waiting... patiently waiting... {what was it now}... an hour, hour and a half... for our food? Oh dear me! Anyway, what better thing to do to waste time than take pictures? :) Anyway, it was a wonderfully fun night FULL of LAUGHS, and MORE LAUGHS... thanks girls! It was so fun getting together!


Gina said...

Club is so fun. Thanks for bringing the camera Liz. It is fun to have the pictures.

sara said...
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sara said...

I think that the pictures are fun also, but I think they would be even better without me!

liz said...

Sara... what a terrible thing to say! You should have a kick in the rear for saying that! In fact, when I saw the pictures, I was frustrated that my big old face was covering YOU up so much when we were at the restaurant! What was up with that??? You should have stuck yourself out more for the camera to see you beautiful THING YOU!!! :)